our services

  • Private and commercial garden, setting up commercial farm
    • Construction of private garden for individual and commercial garden for organization for the purpose of producing organic food for consumption.
    • Home stead and Income generating food gardens
    • Training on how to build, preserve the soil and conserve resources.
    • Organic food Production
    • Support and teach the production of Organic farming for individuals and commercial farmers to reduce production of chemically grown crops.
  • Soil Test
    • Soil testing service available to farmers with the use of plants and other affordable means.
  • Environmental and Natural conservation
    • focuses on improving the environment through tree nursery establishment and tree planting
    • promoting the use of energy conserving  stoves , solar ovens, promoting solar energy systems usage and biogas systems
    • converting food and agricultural waste into high quality organic fertilizer for agricultural use
    • Recycling of waste.
  • Health and Nutrition
    • Teaching people how best to combine food grown , calorie intake and weight lost if necessary through the use of plant based diets.
how can we help you?

GROW West Africa deploys BIOINTENSIVE approach to sustainable agricultural practice in dealing with hunger and poverty in the West Africa sub-region. Contact us at the Grow West Africa office.

Ecology action teaches people worldwide to better feed themselves while building and preserving the soil and conserving resources. Since 1972, Ecology Action and our colleagues have been researching and developing GROW BIOINTENSIVE…

Ecology Action
www.growbiointensive.org, Ecology Action