our objectives

GROW West Africa deploys BIOINTENSIVE Approach completely without reservations to sustainable agricultural practice in dealing with hunger and poverty in the West Africa sub-region:

  • Food security and sovereignty – To advocate sustainable farming practices in West Africa. In addition, GROW WEST AFRICA will influence and facilitate the implemention of government macro-farming policy for food security across the sub-region.
  • Seed sovereignty – GROW WEST AFRICA will promote the active exchange of diversity of indigenous seeds as part of the movement towards seeds sovereignty in all the communities we engage.
  • Poverty reduction – GROW WEST AFRICA will mobilise the idle and unemployed to engage in agriculture, by which employment can be created.
  • Environmental conversation – GROW WEST AFRICA will advocate on the need to protect and conserve the environment, engaging and promoting activities and farming methods which conserve natural resources and restore the biodiversity of ecosystems in the West African Sub-Region.
  • Women & youth empowerment – GROW WEST AFRICA will incorporate strong advocacy for women and youth in the rural areas to engage in farming to support their families, such interested people will be trained, given inputs, technical and equipment support.
  • Research centre – GROW WEST AFRICA will establish a strong research centre that will embark on several agricultural research projects that will benefit the sub-region in solving the problem of hunger, environmental challenges, biodiversity, poverty, and unhealthy farm practices.
  • Development centre – GROW WEST AFRICA build a robust centre responsible for educating, inspiring, equipping and transforming farmers and visitors in a large scale, which in turn will implement several policies that will scale up ecological agriculture and improve the well-being of the communities in West Africa.
  • Borderless – GROW WEST AFRICA will serve as a centre for exchange of information, networking and collaboration for rural farmers, youth, women, extension workers and staff of NGO, government agencies and organisations in agricultural sector across the border of West Africa sub-region.
  • Skill Acquisitions – The centre will specialize in training teenage girls, women, youth and people with disabilities on skills that can empower them and increase their income.
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GROW West Africa deploys BIOINTENSIVE approach to sustainable agricultural practice in dealing with hunger and poverty in the West Africa sub-region. Contact us at the Grow West Africa office.

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