Our Background

GROW West Africa deplores sustainable agricultural practices in dealing with hunger and poverty in the West Africa sub-region.

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Our Cause & Objectives

To advocate sustainable farming practices in West Africa, changing the perspective and attitude of youth and farmers, enabling them increase food production, re-assuring our capacity to produce enough food to feed the sub-region without compromising the economic, ecological, social, and political needs of our communities.

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What We Do?

We are growing West Africa through the following services: Private and commercial food food farms, Work and learn programs, Organic entrepreneurship programs, Tree planting, Compost, etc.

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what grow west africa is about?

GROW WEST AFRICA will educate different communities, mobilize young men and women into small scale farming, bring farmers together introducing them to sustainable agricultural methods of farming.

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In every 5 years we will train 5,000 men, women and youths into becoming self-sufficient small scale gardeners and intending farmers through our development center.



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This is GROW West Africa, we specialize in

1. Customized training in Organic Agriculture & Agroecology
2. Youth Intensive training WLEP for 6 months in Organic Agriculture & Agroecology
3. Produce -Organic vegetables, fruits, yam Organically raised Chicken& Eggs, cassava products

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