Our Story

GROW West Africa is a non-profit and non-governmental organization with a major focus on agriculture deploring sustainable biologically intensive small-scale methods of raising food using resources that rely on local, renewable resources to meet the needs of a community while maintaining and improving soil fertility.

This system does not use any form of synthetic chemical but only uses natural resources to grow food.

Every 5 years we will train 5,000 men, women, and youth directly and in-directly into self-sufficient small-scale gardeners and intending farmers through our development center.

Our mission

GROW WEST AFRICA will educate different communities, mobilize young men and women into small scale farming, bring farmers together introducing them to GROW BIO-INTENSIVE approach to farming, and then establish farm settlements in those communities functioning as hubs for the West-African sub-region in Ghana, Nigeria and beyond.

Our vision

Support and promote sustainable agriculture practices that increase food systems.



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This is GROW West Africa, we specialize in

1. Customized training in Organic Agriculture & Agroecology
2. Youth Intensive training WLEP for 6 months in Organic Agriculture & Agroecology
3. Produce -Organic vegetables, fruits, yam Organically raised Chicken& Eggs, cassava products

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