Our objectives

  1. To advocate for the introduction or revision of specific agricultural policies that support organic farming in West Africa.
  2. To educate farmers, consumers, and the broad stakeholder group about the principles and benefits of organic farming, Agroecology, and Regenerative Agriculture.
  3. To establish and support organic markets to connect organic farmers with consumers and other businesses.
  4. To reduce the environmental impact of farming practices in West Africa, by reducing water usage, minimizing soil erosion, and enhancing biodiversity.



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This is GROW West Africa, we specialize in

1. Customized training in Organic Agriculture & Agroecology
2. Youth Intensive training WLEP for 6 months in Organic Agriculture & Agroecology
3. Produce -Organic vegetables, fruits, yam Organically raised Chicken& Eggs, cassava products

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