A 6-Month Hybrid Whole System and Holistic Organic Farming Business Accelerator Program by GROW West Africa.


Why should someone commit 6-month of his life to such training?

Because there is a deeper connection between seeing, and touching while being taught. For example, a tomato’s life span from seed to harvesting and preservation is about 6 months. A pig will take 6 months to prepare for the heat, crossing, pregnancy stage, and delivery. Many more examples show that for any successful enterprise in the school of organic business, you will need a learning period of at least 6 months to be indoctrinated into the journey.

The training focuses on 3 months of residential and 3 month technical support, which enable participants to implement training learnings. A certificate is issued to only those who implement learnings



  1. To train the participants in Agroecology and Sustainable Organic methods of production
  2. To prepare participants for organic certification (Participatory Guarantee System)
  3. Link participants with available Organic markets and other needs.
  4. Create a business cooperative with participants and GROW Organic Foods to create more organic markets and Organic shops for direct sales of all products to consumers, eliminating middlemen that will increase the cost of such Organic products.


Program Areas

  • Crop production
  • Animals Production
  • Mushroom
  • Beekeeping
  • Aquaculture
  • Insect Farming
  • Value Addition

Our ambition is to build the capacity of 10 young entrepreneurs in Organic through our 6-month hybrid program to increase the number of active Organic entrepreneurs and organic certified products in Ghana to fulfill SDG 3&8.

Our action plan is to train 45 youths in 3 cohorts yearly and launch the GROW Organic shop by December 2024 in Accra.



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