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  • 1- Day Workshop for farmer’s groups
  •  3-Days basic Organic Agriculture Training:  Teaching and hands-on practicals on Agroecological, Agroforestry, compost making, bio-fertilizer preparation, organic pesticide formulation, etc.
  •  6 Months Work, Learn and Earn Program(WLEP) in Sustainable Agriculture.
  • Executive program in Sustainable Agroecological and Organic Agripreneurship.
  •  Nutritional Programs



  •  Environmental and climate mitigation programs


  • Entrepreneurship Programs
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GROW West Africa deploys Agroecological and Organic practices in dealing with hunger and poverty in the West Africa sub-region. Contact us at the Grow West Africa office.

Ecology action teaches people worldwide to better feed themselves while building and preserving the soil and conserving resources. Since 1972, Ecology Action and our colleagues have been researching and developing GROW BIOINTENSIVE…

Ecology Action
www.growbiointensive.org, Ecology Action



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This is GROW West Africa, we specialize in

1. Customized training in Organic Agriculture & Agroecology
2. Youth Intensive training WLEP for 6 months in Organic Agriculture & Agroecology
3. Produce -Organic vegetables, fruits, yam Organically raised Chicken& Eggs, cassava products

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